Author Topic: Science versus political propaganda  (Read 4104 times)


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Science versus political propaganda
« on: September 27, 2014, 09:00:26 AM »
I find this exchange between Judy Byatt and Drew Blair hilarious,where Drew post science stuff and Judy brays all over the place with nothing but babble in reply.

Here are some exchanges from Facebook,

Judy Byatt You and your talking snake are a fucking joke, an old female friend used to say ": all the male homophobes i knew wanted to stick it up my clacker anyway, what is the bloody difference '

Drew Blair nothing conspiracy above. it is all factual. even the youtube video lecture by a PHD climate scientist, is nothing more then discussing facts

Drew Blair ur just a political shill judy... spouting party line propganda for your masters. have you always been an easy to manipulate submissive?

Judy Byatt stay cool Homer

Drew Blair there are 72 ipcc officials, which is where the 97% comes from. There are 32,000 members of the NIPCC and 9,039 of them are PHD's who are all climate scientists.

Judy Byatt well you like him because he is a creationist VI

Judy Byatt Yikes

Drew Blair and yes, the alarmist religion is ALLL about the money. creating a $10 trillion annual business

Drew Blair I do science not political subversion judy... how about you, and your absolute denial of all things science to cling onto a political agenda instead... eh?

Drew Blair shall i give you science education, 101 again for the 5th time today? really strange how you just absolutely ignore science. dont ya think?

Judy Byatt go for it homer

Judy being exposed over and over as the person she really is,a warmist propagandist who is very selective in what to accept to prop up her deluded belief system.

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